Thursday, April 3, 2014

LibLogging 1.0.4 released

liblogging 1.0.4 [download]

We have released liblogging 1.0.4.

This release has lower build system requirements to autoconf, introduces a configuration switch to turn of man page handling and fixes some build problems on some platforms.

sha256sum: aceb5d2aa8bdc771ff66f407f9adf4176b654db63e34a8605795b68be537b81c

v1.0.4 2014-04-03
- fix build problems on some platforms (namely RHEL/CENTOS 5)
- add --disable-man pages ./configure option
  This permits to totally turn off man page handling. This is useful for
  platforms like RHEL/CENTOS 5 where rst2man is hard to get when building
  from git is desired.
- lower build system requirements to autoconf 2.59
  This permits building on RHEL/CENTOs 5 with stock autotools.


  1. This version stills finding for "libsystemd-journal.pc" when the option "--enable-journal" is passed to the configure script. From system-209 the default behaviour is merging the libraries into single libsystemd(.pc) files, so there is no more "libsystemd-journal.pc" but a "libsystemd.pc" instead.
    Those old files are installed only if you pass the "--enable-compat-libs" to the systemd configure script, but that option is disabled by default.
    I suggest to fix this problem changing your configure script to find for "libsystemd.pc" instead of "libsystemd-journal.pc".
    Is it possible to see this fix in the next release?

    1. Thanks for the comment, I track it now with a github tracker:

      It's definitely something we are interested in to support.